27 July 2012

want to meet him

kata hati dhiya : senyumlah selalu kerana senyumanmu adalah kebahagiaanku.

salam...erm..just this morning, i thing  i know, knapa dhiya nak active blik dgn blog ni..mungkin i wish i can really meet him..just for once before i back to johor next year..to my fience,plez don't be so jealous...dhiya minat jer kat dia..dapat jumpa sekali pun ,dhiya rasa bertuah sangat.. he's teacher to be just like my dream..he's has a lot of things to talk..and he not talk for fun..for me, he did a dakwah..with advices and tips...just i hope somebody can help me to meet him..just for this time only, i'll marry and can't hold this dream for too long coz i'll have a husband to take care...

berblog untuk hiburkan hati ^_^

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